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Ooooh heck - this a lovely new thing for us to play with.

Basically it is a rolling stamp - 2.3" wide - use with paint on a palette and it rolls out yard after yard of glorious pattern

Another really fast and effective way to make your own unique  fabrics and papers -  try overdyeing your painted patterns for even more colour

Also brilliant in your sketchbooks for adding yet more layers of interest ... I like to just roll some patterns in my sketchbook whilst I am making some larger pieces for use in work. They are then there to work into, around or over when I get a chance to play in my sketchbook

The wheels snap in and out of the handle .. so you only need one handle and then you can build up your collection of favourite pattern wheels

I've chosen ten of my favourites to start us off with .. I will be adding more patterns in due course

You will love these - I know you will!!

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